Spookychews came about after hours spent looking for alternative teething jewellery to use with my own baby.

m-and-fA good friend commented that it was weird how I was still me, just a mum version, meaning that I had not changed my tastes, interests or (bad) humour since having the little one. And that got me thinking that, as I would never have worn some big, blingy and possibly gender specific necklace before, I shouldn’t do it now either. My baby has been exposed to my choice music and interests since she was conceived, and is seemingly sharing them now. She would rather watch music videos than children’s tv and has been chewing on the spooky panda since she first saw it, leaving aside all her other “normal” teethers.

I hope that my range will help other parents express themselves and show their kids there is a choice beyond the world of pastel pink and blue!

Friends with older children with sensory needs have been lamenting the lack of products their children like as most “chewables” on the market do not cater to their tastes.
Now they can express their personality through these stylish and durable pendants – leaving their clothes and stationary intact!